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Please excuse us! Our website is not finished, but we're open for business Thursday-Sunday from 11am to 5pm in the Houston Heights area:


(down the driveway to the building in back)

Click Here for a list of our available fish & come by our shop in-person to see our collection of corals and saltwater products. Stay tuned for updates!


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Seaworthy Aquatics

We are a family-owned business dedicated to providing our customers with some of the most vibrant sea life on the market. Located in Houston, Texas, we offer a unique selection of quarantined fish and a modest catalogue of propagated coral. Our Seaworthy creatures and reef products will make an excellent addition to any saltwater tank in your home or business. We carry colonies and frags of both hard and soft corals, a wide range of invertebrates, reef-safe fish, and equipment to keep your aquarium looking lively.

WOW, the corals I picked up from these guys looked amazing! Great service!

Tommy Ruiz

Everything was packed so nicely and arrived alive and well. I'll be buying again.

Steven Barnes

They said they could find me what I wanted and they sure did. I got some beautiful fish.

Nancy Whitfield

Coral Care

The key to maintaining healthy corals over long term, be they delicate Acroporids or more hardy sessile invertebrates such as zoanthids, is stability.

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Coral Feeding

The barrier to being able to keep coral in an aquarium has come down to the ability to provide the specific food requirements for individual corals.

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Coral Fragging

Coral propagation refers to the reproduction of coral and is often accomplished by marine aquarists through a process called fragmentation.

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